Volunteering for Peace

About Us

Volunteering for Peace, is a Palestinian non-governmental organization aiming to participate in establishing a bridge between the different cultural and faith groups in Palestine. It also aim to create the culture of peace, non-violence and interfaith between the Palestinian community.

The idea came to create a group of yout to discuss in a regular basis different aspects and problems which we encounter on our daily life and to encourage cooperation between the different faith groups.

The name came from a Euromed program that took place in Greece in which participants from different countries met in Greece to learn about every community and every faith prospective to peace. Volunteering for Peace participated in different local and international activities. Volunteering for Peace is active in the field on non-violence, interfaith and peace building. We organize different workshops, training programs and exchanges in topics related to interfaith, non-violence, peace building, conflict resolution, intercultural learning and other topics.

One of the annual programs in called Sharing Perspectives which is an exchange program between Palestinian students in Palestinian Universities together with Dutch Students. It take place in the two directions in which Palestinian students travel to The Netherlands and Dutch Students visit Palestine as a study visit.

We are a member of United Religions Initiative an international Network for Interfaith and also members of Anna Lindh Foundation, a network with 43 member countries.

For more information please contact us at vfpeace@gmail.com