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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Environmental Awareness of Palestinian Youth Workshop

Environmental Awareness of Palestinian Youth Workshop

Volunteering for Peace CC in Palestine together with its partners United for Palestine CC, Palestinian Peace Society CC, Palestinian women for Peace CC and Palestinian Youth for Peace CC and with a Fund from URI Environmental Seed Grand organized its workshop entitled “Environmental Awareness of Palestinian Youth” which took part on Saturday July 30th 2011 in Hebron, Palestine.
The workshop started with an introduction from Tareq Altamimi, URI Global Trustee and Volunteering for Peace Coordinator about URI and the activities of URI in both Palestine and the Middle East and North Africa MENA region. Then he spoke about this partnership between five CCs of URI in Palestine to organize this Workshop which discuss about the Environmental awareness to the Palestinian Youth which considered one of the important topics in this very hard time which environment suffer from climate change and other effects on the environment due to carless behavior of the human being.

The activity started with an introduction of the participants, their organizations and why did they choose to take part in this workshop. Then a presentation was made by Dr. Taleb Alharithi , who holds a PHD degree in Environment. Dr Taleb spoke about the dangers which encounter us due to the bad practices of the human being towards our environment. He spoke about the waste issue and the waste treatment and provided a list of materials and the time it takes to be decompose.
The a discussion were generated between the participants about the Bad practices that we make towards the environment and the problems that surround us. Many issues were addressed; water issue, pollution, waste water, waste of factories, waste treatment, waste burning, dust, chemicals…etc

The next session was chaired by engineer Tareq Altamimi, who presented a video entitled “Greening the Desert II: Greening the Middle East” then a discussion were generated after projecting the video to them on the finding they found in the video, what similar things which we have in our city, village, or region.
Then the group were distributed in four working groups and the groups were asked to present their solution as individual or groups of youth to the environmental problems addressed in session one and in the video. Each group presented their solutions and they were discussed by the other groups and the facilitators and they were answered by the presenter of the group and the group members.

The group decided to keep in touch through the social media to discuss the issue and work in finding solutions and encourage our role as youth in it.

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  1. It's good to know that environmental awareness is now being offered to our young ones. This is good so when they grow up, they don't grow up like our generation who doesn't really care that much about the environment - but it's never to late to do some advocacy for our nature ;)